Rajini Dasi

Gurudev paves the way!

I really wanted to go to Just Love Festival last year, but I had just enough money to pay for my air ticket only. Moreover, I was jobless for more than one year. Yet, I did not lose hope and bought my air ticket with whatever I had and decided to strive harder to get a job and pay for the other expenses. I was ready to do any kind of job just to get that money. But due to the fact that I was a graduate, small companies or shops were reluctant to recruit me.

The day to pay for the Ashram and all approached and still, I did not have enough money. I was depressed. I started believing that I was not worthy enough, That’s why Guruji did not not want me to come to Shree Peetha Nilaya, to Him, to the abode of Love.

And I had no choice but to cancel my ticket. But I did get the money refunded.

The date of departure was on the 6th July. As the date approached, I was feeling more depressed. Then one day I got a letter. It was from the Public Service Commission (the authority recruiting for governmental department). It was a confirmation letter for post of Court Officer which I had applied long ago. It was a blessing in disguise. It was my dream job. Guruji had reserved better plans for me. Also the first day I had to report to the job was on the 6th July itself!!!

And once He told me to come to Vrindavan instead of Just Love, but I was interested in Just Love.

But here I am today, with that same air ticket money refunded and adding up my salary, my husband and I are being able to go to Vrindavan in two weeks’ time and Guruji will be blessing our wedding there.

What can I ask more, Oh Lord? You paved my way!

Dharesh Das

The greatest healer

Once Gurudev and I went to buy pizza at Pirate Pizza in Beau Bassin. At that time, I used to have an issue with my back whereby it would pain a lot. Once we arrived there, we went inside the pizzeria and Gurudev chose pizzas which He wanted. The lady said that in 15 mins it would be ready.

We went outside the shop to wait and all of a sudden, Gurudev said to me: “Bebe let’s walk to that shop down there”.
I asked Him: “The shop Gool?”
He answered: “Yes, that one”.
I was thinking: “Oh there’s a long distance to walk right there as my back was paining terribly”.
But I said: “Okay let’s go”, rejoicing to be with Him.

Whilst we were walking, we were busy chatting to each other but at the same time, He had His hand on my back, and He was doing a circular motion on it. I didn’t pay much attention to that.

Suddenly, He stopped walking and said “Okay enough let’s go back now.” As we were walking back, I realised that all the pain that I had in my back was gone.

Gurudev had taken care of it and of the pain. I could afterwards serve Him properly by being with Him and being His driver and not being bedridden because of that back pain.


My wedding plan

One day Gurudev told me “churel maiya (meaning – my sweet devil), you need to get married now…” He suggested a date which I couldn’t recall when I tried to. My brother Kritantakrit das (Kannen) got married in August 2016.

Few weeks later, I messaged Guruji, asking when I should get married. Guruji replied: “Next month”

I was completely shocked.

On one side, I strongly felt that it was unimaginable; financially, family wise, work wise etc. I had already taken leave for my brother’s wedding. All the family gave a helping hand for his wedding. My mother also financed the wedding.

On the other side, it seemed more difficult from my fiancé’s side. His house was still under construction. I didn’t even inform him that I asked Guruji about a convenient date for our wedding.

Hesitantly, I informed him about Guruji’s reply. He took it seriously, and he informed his parents. They accepted to organize the wedding even though at such short notice. The wedding was planned for October 2016, as per Guru Adesh.

My mum was sad for not being able to support me financially. I went through financial institutions, trying to apply for loan. It was tough and hectic. Finally I was able to secure a loan. Time was running fast.

Now it was time to find a venue. It was very difficult to find a convenient one at a cheaper rate. Bookings for such big event had to be made well in advance. Going through an exhaustive list, I was fortunate enough to find a suitable place at an affordable price for the reception.

For the wedding venue I preferred the Sri Ranganath Mandir because Guruji planned our wedding. I wanted everything to happen under His guidance and only in His abode, at the Sri Ranganath Mandir.

My wedding, which we planned to organize with the strict minimum, was a big event as any other advance-planned traditional wedding. On the eve, the devotees helped in decorating the temple. We cooked and served food there.

The next day, wedded in beautiful bridal gown, I walked towards the temple, accompanied by other devotees who were singing. It was a procession that people ran out to see what was going on.

The “baraat” wedding cortege arrived at the temple. Many people entered the temple for the first time. They were amazed when they heard devotees singing bhajans whilst the priest was reciting the wedding mantras. He requested them to sing more and more bhajans.

The devotees made nice food which was served to all the guests. It was happy at that moment. In the evening, we received guests from both bride and groom’s side at the booked venue. I had a great wedding. Guruji planned everything. His present was felt all the time, though physically He was not there.


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