Exclusive talk with Paramahamsa Vishwananda – founder of international movement Bhakti Marga.
Topics covered: religion, spirituality, love, enlightenment, karma, dharma, changes in the world.
Interviewed by: Nenad Kobasić, December 2017, Croatia


Question (Q): Babaji, one of His speeches ends with the words, ‘Keep peace inside of yourself even if the external world is in chaos.’ The world is in chaos today and crises and it’s the truth that chaos is generated with the media, so it seems bigger. You once said that the world will change when all of the people of this world change. So, now the question is, how do all of the people of humanity change and clean from the restlessness with all this constant media production of chaos?

Paramahamsa Vishwananda (PV): Like I said earlier when we were talking about what predominates people, their lives are based on fear, first of all. Secondly, people don’t think for themselves. The thoughts of people are always from everybody else, scattered from TV, from newspapers, from media, from people around, from mother, father, from friends, and so on, you see? Sit down and analyse how many thoughts a day belong to you and how many thoughts belong to others. How many times does society makes you think one way, but in reality you are not like that? Are you in harmony with yourself? Are you at peace with yourself? No, you are not. So, when you are not in peace with yourself and you are not in harmony with yourself, what will there be? Chaos, no? Where does that chaos start? With yourself. In your mind. So, first we have to change the way we think. Change the way we see things. First, see how we see ourselves. We can’t change the outside, but we can change how we see ourselves, and become more strong and more determined with ourselves, and what we feel inside.

Q: One of your Swamis wrote that Germany is a country which has a big karmic load. Is that why your ashram is in Germany and which countries or parts of the Earth have a small karmic load? Are some countries like that? And what is the karmic state of the whole Earth itself?

PV: [laughing] Well, there are less karmic places, like a small island where you can sit alone. [laughing] And then you have your peace. You see? You don’t need to bother anything about anybody. I’m sure there are many islands, even here in Croatia there are so many islands which are deserted. You can sit peacefully on one of the islands and have your peace. [laughing]

And well, Germany is interesting. Often people ask me why I am in Germany. I always say that Divine Mother wanted me to be there. But when we analyse the country itself, Germany is a centre of Europe. You may have seen karmic things of that country in the past, but it’s not only Germany. It is Europe, it is the world itself. Nowadays there is so much fear around that people are not at peace. So, tell me a country where the karma is not heavy! It’s everywhere. That’s why we have to pray.

There was once a devotee that said we should pray for the country. We have to hold onto that; it doesn’t matter where you are, what you are doing, pray for your country. It’s important. Pray for the people who govern the country because they need the help so that they can govern properly. One person can’t change something, but the head of the country can change. You can influence the head of the country by praying for the head of the country, by sending positive vibes to them, so that they take the right decision for the community, for the country, and for the people.

Q: Isn’t karma just like all the gods that we celebrate and to which we sing the concept of the mind, which we also in the end have to disregard?

PV: Yes, of course, karma is the concept of the mind, but karma is deeper than that. When we talk about karmic things, everything has cause and effect. Everything, whatever you do, there is an effect of it. Like when we meet people, why do we have certain feelings towards some people and not towards others? This is the law of karma, because you have something in common; you have something deep together. You have a karmic connection with each other. But this karmic connection, why is it there? Not to create something, but to finish it. Very often people say, ‘Oh, I feel that we are very well connected, we are soulmates’ or whatever. Yes, you may have the feeling of being soulmates, but what makes that feeling? It means that that feeling is there for you to finish certain karmic things. You meet people, you are born in a certain family due to some things, but it’s not about creating new karma. It’s about finishing it.

Q: It is most probable that humanity will in the 21st Century dedicate itself to seeking of lengthening lifespan or physical immortality and pursuit of happiness and divinity. All these theories of New Age began when the biggest scientific minds developed artificial intelligence. These are all theses and the predictions of a book Homo Deus. If these predictions are based on the work of the biggest minds of today, can you also give insights of your vision of the 21st Century as someone who has insight in the biggest hearts of today?

PV: Well, for me they are insane. That’s what I would say. The insanity of the 21st Century. They forget that they are immortal, but yet, they are looking for matter to be immortal. We have to understand, in the scriptures it’s said even Brahma who created the whole world is not immortal; he himself has a span of life. Once his lifespan is finished, he dies and then a new one takes place. So, how can this insanity of some scientists think that they will live forever? They can’t. Because this is the thing that people have not known for themselves. They have known only the external, but they don’t know that they are living beings; they don’t know that there is something eternal inside of them which is called the Atma. If they would realise that, then they would say, ‘Yes, we are immortal.’ Nowadays you see people putting so much mascara on the outside, which means all kinds of drama on the outside, thinking that eternally they will be forever. But they will not. You know, how many have thought like that before. Are they here? No, they are not. They are a long time gone.

There is this beautiful story that somebody told. Once a lady died and went to heaven. God saw her and said, ‘Oh, my goodness! I made a mistake, it’s not yet your time, so you should go back down.’ So, then she asked God, ‘God, how many years do I have still?’ God said, ‘You still have 30 years.’ And so in the hospital she woke up, very happy. She had 30 years. So, she asked the doctor, ‘Please, I would like to have some plastic surgery.’ So, she had some plastic surgery and made herself look young. She came out of the hospital. The moment she came out of the hospital, she began to cross the road, and a car came and crushed her. She died. So, she went up very angrily to God and said, ‘You said that I had 30 years! What is the problem? Now I’m back here again.’ And God said, ‘Oops, I didn’t recognise you!’

Q: How do you see the spirituality of the 21st Century?

PV: Look, there is both: spirituality in the 21st Century is mixed with the delirium of the people. People, especially when they are so-called – well, I will not say New Age… people don’t know what they are looking for. This is a sad thing about the spirituality of the 21st Century. If they sincerely know what they are looking for, then it is right, you know. So, you have both. It’s how it is.

Q: How do you think religions will develop, or will they not develop, and there will be one big mega Kurukshetra religion?

PV: [laughing] Aaah! Let the future be how it must be.

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