All most important things in life start from the heart. It is the place where Divine Love is seated within us. It is the place where we can meet God. There are many ways how we can relate to the Divine and establish deeper connection to our true Self.

Our practice is to focus on the love of the Divine in the Hindu spiritual tradition. Because we recognise that Divine Love is not limited, we also honour the unity that is the basis of all spiritual paths to God.

Regardless of the form, the goal of worship is the same: to connect our human hearts with Supreme Love, the Heart of the Divine within us all. You are invited to join us on this journey which can bring us together, calm our minds and open our hearts.


Sri Ranganath Mandir in Rose Hill, which is also headquarters of Bhakti Marga Mauritius, is the main place of worship in Mauritius. Additionally, many other ceremonies are regularly performed in other parts of Mauritius.

Evening prayers with kirtan
Sri Ranganath Mandir, Rose Hill
Every Thursday
Start at 7:30 pm
+230 5711 6633 (Dharesh Das)

Weekly abhishekam
Sri Ranganath Mandir, Rose Hill
Every Sunday
Start at 7:30 am
+230 5711 6633 (Dharesh Das)

november, 2020

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