Swamini Vishwanimeshikama (short: Nimeshika) was initiated by her Satguru, Paramahamsa Vishwananda in 2016 into the Bhakti Marga Order. Throughout her travels, she is constantly spreading the amazing teaching of His spiritual Master by sharing her deep wisdom with all who wish to grow the awareness of joy, love and peace within themselves. Swamini is mainly responsible to spread the teachings in the 3 countries; Mauritius, Reunion, and Madagascar.

Her spiritual quest began when she was in India for her studies and grew when she returned to Mauritius in 2000. Thus, she engaged in many spiritual paths and met many spiritual masters until she met her Satguru Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda in 2010. At that time, she did not know that He was her guru, but she was sure of herself that she did not want to be away from him. In her soul, she still remembers this first look of her Guru that she describes as “a reflection of pure Love”. She never experienced such a feeling before, even though she was already on the spiritual path. Her wish is to spread the light and love of her Guru to all the people she meets in life.

As an active member of Bhakti Marga Mauritius, through her satsangs, she helps to spread general spiritual teachings and universal truths (Sanatana dharma) as well as provides people with the chance to connect to precious new ideas and ways to approach day-to-day spiritual life.

“’Ever since I met my Satguru, life is no more a struggle. I can perceive divinity in everything I do more easily. Whatever people read as miracle in books, I’ve started living it every moment of my life. That’s what the Guru does. He doesn’t just talk, but make us live the experiences. I never imagined life could be such celebration. More importantly, the inner connection and guidance makes me live in gratitude. God has ever been a living being since I met the personification of love.’’
– Swamini Nimeshika