Simply Meditation is an easy set of techniques to help calm the mind, cultivate inner balance and allow you to experience more love in your life and relationships. The simple practice can create a peaceful state of mind in as little as 5-15 minutes per day, and support your physical, mental and emotional well-being. It is perfect for those new to meditation or stressed by daily life.

Taking time to drop into the stillness of your heart every day will help bring you more peace, joy, and happiness. Having a daily practice helps minimize the frenzy of a fast-paced lifestyle and supports a greater sense of contentment with the simple pleasures of life. Our easy techniques open the heart to love, and will change your life in positive, life-affirming ways.


Simply Meditation techniques are designed to quiet the endless activity of your mind. This relaxes your body, creates inner peace, and improves concentration. Out of the stillness, clarity arises and decision-making improves, enabling you to move forward in your life with more self-confidence.


By silencing the mind and moving into your heart, you can tap into the ever-present love that already exists inside of you. This love is the best guide to your ultimate happiness. Increasing compassion for yourself and others helps create more joy and positivity, even in the face of challenges.


Simply Meditation harmonises the mind and the heart. It helps neutralise volatile emotions and minimise conflicts, thus enhancing relationships. Regular practice neutralises your reactions to stress, strengthens your immune system and re-balances your nervous system.

For whom this practice is suited for?

Simply Meditation is for everybody, regardless of cultural/spiritual background, or level of interest for spirituality. Originally it was designed for people with busy lifestyle because each of the techniques takes only a few minutes to do. If you are interested in more-in-depth practice, please check out Atma Kriya Yoga.

Can children practice Simply Meditation?
Children can practice Simply Meditation only after age of 12.
Practicing Simply Meditation during pregnancy
It is possible to practice Simply Mediation during pregnancy, but there are specific rules in terms of how to adjust the practices. Your teacher will provide all instructions during the course.
Is Simply Meditation individual or group practice?
Simply Meditation was originally designed as an individual practice, but you are most welcome to practice it with other Simply Meditation practitioners.
How much daily shall I practice Simply Meditation?
Beauty of Simply Meditation lies in its simplicity, which means that even with 5-15 minutes of daily practice you will notice significant results. However, it is always best to practice full cycle, which takes apx. 60 minutes to complete.
How long does it take to learn Simply Meditation?
Simply Meditation courses usually last 3 – 5 hours. Teachers have the flexibility to teach all the techniques in one session or spread the class out over several weeks, providing more time for practice.


“Simply Meditation is different from anything else I’ve tried, and I have tried quite a lot. The results were dramatic and really quick. In 10 days, I was a different person. I was calmer and my relationships were much better, even with the difficult people in my life. Everything is so much richer; my whole experience of life is calmer, richer, and fuller.” – Nefeli (Greece)


“Since I started practicing Simply Meditation I am more calm and I don’t get upset so easily. I don’t have troubles sleeping anymore. It also helps me to calm headaches. The biggest privilege is that it only takes me 15 minutes a day. I’ve realized since practicing, it is not just me having a better mood, but my partner and all the people I come in contact with as well.” – Maja (Slovenia)


“Simply Meditation helped me concentrate on my studies. It helped me not stress about exams and it gave me so much joy. When the exam day came, other people were so nervous, I just sat there, thinking it’s fine. I did the exam and walked away, and that was it. It gave me an incredible tool to handle which stress of studying.” – Adeshanni (Finland)


Simplicity. The practice consists of nine super-simple, effective, easy-to-do techniques. Think of them as tools to help you cope and adapt more effectively with change and quickly return to your centre after upsets.

Versatility. Simply Meditation is perfect for a busy lifestyle because each of the techniques takes only a few minutes to do. You are free to do them all together or space them out during your day. You can even pick your favourites and just focus on them – whatever works for you.

Love. Opening the heart will lead you to the realisation of a love within that is not dependent on anything external. The more you connect with that love, the more it fills the emptiness that often leads to self-sabotaging behaviours. With practice, you’ll find love really can change everything.



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Mantra – Focuses the mind and keeps you in the present moment.
Meditation techniques – Concentration and focus brings the rational and emotional qualities into harmony.
Breathing exercises – Observing and controlling your breath promotes physical and energetic balance.
Heart visualisations – Helps you drop into the heart so you can access its wisdom.
Mudras – Hand yoga strengthens and supports your meditation practice and balances your energy.
Relaxation exercises – Conscious relaxation promotes energy flow so you feel better.
Meditation overview – More about the history, philosophy and science of meditation.


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